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Bodies (2023)

Bodies (2023) is a British crime and science fiction series that unfolds a complex narrative involving four detectives across different timelines, all investigating the same mysterious murder. The story is set in a dystopian 2053 United Kingdom, governed by a junta called The Executive, and spans back through history to 1890, revealing a deep-rooted conspiracy involving time travel, a quantum gravity professor named Gabriel Defoe, and a cult known as Chapel Perilous.


The narrative kicks off with Detective Shahara Hasan finding a dead body in present-day London, which marks the beginning of a thrilling investigation that intertwines with cases from 1890, 1941, and 2053. The detectives uncover a time loop orchestrated by Elias Mannix, who, through time travel and manipulation, seeks to preserve his power and legacy across centuries. The series delves into themes of free will, the ethics of time travel, and the lengths individuals will go to alter history or ensure their dominion over it.

Elias Mannix , a pivotal character, grows up under the influence of his foster parents, who are part of a cult intending to use him for a terrorist act that would reshape London’s history. The plot thickens as the detectives discover Mannix’s plans and the existence of a time machine, leading to a desperate race to prevent a catastrophe that could obliterate London and alter the course of history.


The climax reveals a convoluted plan by Mannix to secure his legacy through a time-loop, implicating the detectives in a cycle of events that stretch beyond their understanding. The series concludes with a dramatic twist, where the efforts of the detectives across time converge to unravel Mannix’s plot, aiming to cease the time-loop and restore balance to the timelines.

This intricate narrative blends crime thriller elements with science fiction, exploring the impact of time travel on personal destiny and historical events. The series is a gripping examination of how power, manipulation, and the desire to control one’s fate can transcend time and affect generations.

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