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Director : Andrés Baiz
Writers : Carlo Bernard , Ingrid Escajeda , Doug Miro
Stars : Sofía Vergara , Alberto Guerra , Juliana Aidén Martinez

In the heart of the medieval kingdom of Eldoria, a land torn by war and greed, emerges Griselda, a woman whose intelligence and ferocity are matched only by her ambition. Born to a humble blacksmith, Griselda’s early life is marked by hardship and loss, molding her into a resilient survivor. When her family falls victim to the merciless taxes of the corrupt King Aldric, Griselda vows to rise above the oppression and reclaim her destiny.

Griselda’s journey to power begins in the shadowy corners of Eldoria’s capital, where she uses her cunning to establish a network of spies and mercenaries. With a blend of ruthless strategy and unexpected compassion, she earns the loyalty of the city’s underbelly, challenging the status quo that has long favored the nobility.

As her influence grows, Griselda navigates the treacherous waters of court politics, facing off against nobles who underestimate her because of her gender and low birth. However, with every move she makes, Griselda not only gains allies among those who seek change but also ignites the ire of those in power.

The turning point comes when Griselda orchestrates a bold maneuver to secure a position within the royal advisory council, a feat unheard of for someone of her standing. From this new vantage point, she begins to enact reforms that aim to dismantle the systemic injustices that plague Eldoria, drawing the king’s attention and respect.

But power is a double-edged sword. As Griselda ascends, she faces challenges not only from her enemies but also from within her ranks. Her actions and decisions come with heavy consequences, affecting the lives of those she loves and those she rules. Amidst assassination attempts, political intrigue, and a budding romance with a warrior of noble heart, Griselda must confront the ultimate question: how much is she willing to sacrifice for her vision of a better Eldoria?

“Griselda” culminates in an epic confrontation that tests the limits of her power, intellect, and spirit. In a world where women are often silenced, Griselda’s voice echoes as a beacon of resilience and change, setting the stage for a legacy that will be remembered for generations.

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