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Cold Blooded Intern (2023)

Cold Blooded Intern (2023) is a South Korean drama series that intricately weaves comedy, life’s drama, and workplace issues into its narrative fabric. The story centers on Go Hae Ra, a dedicated merchandiser who, after taking a seven-year hiatus to focus on raising her child, endeavors to reenter the workforce. Her journey leads her to an interview for an entry-level position at Market House, where she crosses paths with Choi Ji Won, the director of the product planning team and a former colleague. Recognizing Hae Ra’s potential and past collaboration, Ji Won offers her an intern position within the team, alongside a proposition that is both enticing and challenging.

Directed by Han Sang Jae and penned by Park Yeon Kyung, the series delves into the trials and tribulations faced by women attempting to navigate their return to the workplace after a significant hiatus, often encountering ageism and other societal barriers. It casts a spotlight on the personal and professional growth of Go Hae Ra, portrayed by Ra Mi Ran, as she navigates her new role while balancing the complexities of her home life. Uhm Ji Won plays the formidable Choi Ji Won, adding depth to the series with a portrayal of leadership marred by personal and professional dilemmas.

Cold Blooded Intern

Supporting characters such as So Je Seob, Hae Ra’s boss and former subordinate, her husband Gong Soo Pyo, and their daughter Gong Yi Young, among others, enrich the narrative, showcasing a variety of relationships that Hae Ra must manage alongside her ambitions and challenges at Market House.

The series has been received as more of a dramedy than a pure comedy, touching on serious social issues like maternity leave and the stigmatization of working mothers, with its concise episodes providing a glimpse into the sociopolitical landscape of work culture in South Korea. Critics have praised the show for its handling of these themes, although some have noted that certain storylines, particularly towards the end, seemed rushed or unresolved.

Cold Blooded Intern

Cold Blooded Intern not only highlights the perseverance required to overcome workplace hurdles but also explores deeper themes of resilience, identity, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams despite societal norms. This drama is a reflection of the reality many face, depicted through the lens of a woman’s relentless drive to reclaim her place in a competitive and often unforgiving professional world.

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