Review movie Indigo (2023)

Indigo (2023)

Indigo (2023) is a compelling Indonesian horror film that dives into the lives of Zora and her younger sister, Ninda, both of whom possess the ability to see supernatural entities since their childhood. Directed by Rocky Soraya and produced by Hitmaker Studios and Legacy Pictures, the movie stars Amanda Manopo as Zora, Aliando Syarief as Aksa, Sara Wijayanto as Sekar, and Nicole Rossi as Ninda. The narrative unfolds around the sisters’ struggle to deal with their indigo capabilities, which make them targets for hauntings by unseen forces. Seeking help, they turn to Sekar, a knowledgeable figure about the spirit world, in their quest to protect Ninda from being possessed.


The film showcases their efforts to use their indigo abilities not just for personal safety but also to understand and possibly control the supernatural phenomena around them. The journey is fraught with challenges, as they confront various eerie occurrences that test their resilience and understanding of their unique gifts.

The story, penned by Riheam Junianti with contributions from Rocky Soraya, is set against the backdrop of Indonesian culture and beliefs, adding depth to the narrative by exploring themes of family, supernatural beliefs, and the personal journey of coming to terms with one’s abilities. The cinematography by Dicky R. Maland and music by Ricky Lionardi complement the film’s haunting atmosphere, immersing viewers in the suspenseful and mystic world the sisters navigate.


Indigo was released in theaters on October 19, 2023, in Indonesia, and made available on Netflix on February 26, 2024, allowing a global audience to experience this intriguing tale of supernatural intrigue and familial bonds. The movie has garnered attention for its unique take on the horror genre, blending traditional horror elements with the exploration of indigo children’s phenomena, setting it apart from typical horror films.

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